1. Chapter 20: Guardians

    Welp… I forgot to do my usual “hey I began work” post so here it is now: I’ve started working on Chapter 20!

    Just finished writing the script yesterday and I’m working on sketching it out now. It’s not only a fun chapter, but it is also the exact middle of The Fall. I’ve said several times that The Fall will 41 chapters (prologue and epilogue included) which makes this chapter the literal midpoint.

    It’s a great chapter, I’m super excited to show this one to you for reasons I’m not going to spoil.

    Meantime, here’s an out-of-context line from the script-

    Leaf: “Wait, what did he say?”

  2. aerorwen:

    Rosa Bandoni 
    Region: (Sevii Islands)
    Age: 41
    Height: 5’5”

    - Tisha’s aunt and current care taker.
    - Served in Kanto vs Sevii War as part of a naval force.
    - Took in Tisha after her grandma died a few years ago (her mother, Rosa’s sister, died in war)
    - Currently dating Bruno

    Disclaimer: Rosa’s story depends on who’s asking and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Because drawing her once was not enough.

  3. aerorwen:

    Some Sentinel Ranger (pokemon) OC’s that are technically for my nuzlocke… but none of them will ever be seen there. OTL

    Top left- Nike Misra (Hoenn)
    A tough 100% Hoenn native (evidenced by skin color and the iconic gray eyes and hair), covered in tattoos and standing at an impressive 6’2” and 38 years old.

    Top right- Klaus Volkov (Sinnoh)
    Raised in the mountains of Sinnoh, Klaus (52) is more than a little eccentric, the size of an Abomasnow, and stronger than 10 men.

    Bottom left- Rosa Bandoni (Sevii Islands) (41)
    Rosa is a Sevii native and former sailor standing at only 5’5”. She’s missing her left breast and no one is quite sure what happened (some say disease, some say she lost a bet, other theories site an accident at sea) but regardless, she’s quite proud of the scar.

    Bottom right- Li Maki (Johto) (53, 5’9”)
    Trained by the monks of Johto, Li is a stern and quiet man and the first Sentinel Ranger. As the godfather of them all, Li is the most respected.

  4. aerorwenfalls:


    Contest Prize: Gaining Balance

    I can’t even right now.

    I am a squealing mess of pure happiness. ;w; Someone help me

    This is SO GORGEOUS and badass!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  6. aerorwenfalls:


    expression challenge ala john

    (Character and art are owned by the illustrious aerorwenfalls , and the face is straight from here)

    You don’t understand how glorious this is. I can’t even-

    I’m dying right now. DYING.

  7. <3


  8. Anonymous said: So it's your anniversary, huh? It's amazing a year has gone by and NO ONE has even called you out on the crap you've pulled. Like Chapter 15. Erika. Where did she pull the pokeballs from? And where'd they go after? 13- Poseidon being attacked, you changed what direction he was facing between panels. And Chapter 11, you just butchered that because you put her scar on the wrong side of her face for where the SS Captain swung his sword. And don't even get me started on the errors in older chapters.


    I sent this to myself as a joke.

    I am the joke. The joke is me.

    But seriously- I have the ask box all set up and you can send me questions, ask me for advice on nuzlockes or drawing in general, or send me anon love if you’re super shy and anon critiques if you’re scared of me or something, or you can send anon hate if you’re into that sort of thing. IDK why, but it’s within your power.

    SO YEA. Moral of the story; I have an ask box.

    Rebloggin to remind new followers that they can ask me anything they want at anytime~

    Starting a comic? Need some advice? Ask me!
    Art questions? Ask me~
    Confused about something in The Fall? Ask me~
    Got a theory? Share!
    Got a crack theory? SHARE. I love them!

    (I answer nice comments privately because I feel weird about publishing them. ;w;)

  9. Arnold’s new reference sheet

  10. You DO NOT want to mess with Leaf’s momma. She will destroy you.

    But ye… I felt like drawing baby Leaf and younger Danielle~
    *casually goes from drawing badass John to housewives who are just as badass in about 3 seconds*