1. Sim!John

    You know what. I was just working on a side comic of John and William when I saw that.

    You know what I spent the last ten minutes doing?


    Not even kidding- tears streaming down my face.

    And the best part?

    I was in a really bad mood before that. And now I can’t stop smiling.

    So thank you, 5hungie, for that ungodly amusing post.

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  2. 5hungie:

    HEY HEY aerorwen!



    I made John.


    But I got a little carried away.


    And now I can’t take him seriously in the Fall Nuzlocke anymore.





    And Gosh darn it, you better keep me up-to-date on any shenanigans Sim!John gets into.

  3. John does not appreciate hugs.
    Especially bear hugs from his big brother who can easily lift him off the ground in process.

    Fun fact: Matthias (20) is 6’4” here and John (15) is 5’8”… And he stays that short until about 21 where he gains 4 inches. So for about 2 years, Micah is also taller than him.

    Also, Matthias is a bit of a… prime subject of interest among the ladies. Doctors are not… common. In old, very sexist Kanto, it was widely regarded as a field for women as nurses. So not only is he one of very few… He’s also a genuinely nice guy. There is not a mean or horrible bone in his body. 100% goodness and naivety.

    Anyway, so… We now know that John has been off-the-grid for 3 years… His siblings thought he was dead, but there’s no mention of his parents. And John has no desire to go back.
    And you can also see here that Matthias does care about him and wants to help, but John is rebuking his attempts.
    And, basically, John’s haphazard deal-making is the only reason Matthias got through school.

    Up next, we’ll see what John has to say to the Governor. :>

    I would also just like to point out how much John and Leaf look alike because it’s on purpose… But there was one panel where I had to redraw his nose a little bit because I was questioning whether I drew John or Leaf. :’I

    Made in GIMP 2.8


  4. Anonymous said: How do you feel about people referencing your nuzlocke/camo-ing your characters in their runs?



    Seriously, if you want to cameo ANY of my characters, reference my Nuzlocke, or even borrow some of my ideas/head canons/theories… Go ahead! You don’t even have to ask! :3
    In fact, I love surprises!

    I mean, a little nod my way if you borrow some of my ideas (ie POOF DEAD pokemon) would be nice, but… I can’t say it’d bother me too much if you didn’t. If you like the idea of exploding POOF death pokemon- use it. You like how I wrote an NPC- use it. You like the Kanto vs Sevii war story- use it. I am 200% okay with it.

    I get a lot of questions about using/cameoing the Rangers in their nuzlocke- and I say, HELL YEAH. DO IT. I did not come up with Pokemon Rangers. They were always there- they are a canon organization. The only thing I did different than most… was making them important in my nuzlocke. You can do the same, and maybe I inspired you, but I don’t need credit for that. It’s your story- if you use them, it’s still your idea.

    And if you want to put John in your Nuzlocke- I understand 400%. I wanted him in my Nuzlocke too. X)
    Same is true for all my Ranger OC’s.

    And my ONLY stipulations on cameos of my characters is that-
    1) Credit to me for the character (a given)
    and 2) I’d love to see it if you do! Doesn’t matter if it’s art or writing! <3


  5. Anonymous said: Was the pidgey that Leaf talked to as a little girl part of the Rangers? Was that how Matthias kept an eye on his daughter, since he couldn't be there himself for some reason?


  6. Anonymous said: My head cannon for Leaf's spirit pokemon is Marowak! She used to sit around and cry about her losses, but now she took that anger and pain and turned them into her mask and weapon. She's very protective of her babies, and hates Rockets. Her mother isn't dead, but she thinks her father is. Also, her instinct when startled is to throw things. X3


  7. Anonymous said: Ooh, that's neat! What kind of music do your characters listen to?

    Ffffffff- Okay, ummmmm

    Leaf: would listen to music more on the lyrics or the beat- but she’d lean towards rock music, with some country and pop as well.

    Gary: … Pop, electronic, and rap music.

    Sam: Alternative, country, rock, jazz, and some metal. He likes almost everything though. He also likes classical/folk music from Hoenn.

    John: This is easy- John absolutely loves the sound of silence.
    Second best is classical music and the really… “old west” sounding pieces. Those songs that sound like they’re from an old cowboy movie. Of course, if every animal that chattered/sung came to you as constant words and every minute of the day was like standing in a high school cafeteria, you would understand that sentiment. X)

    Matthias: Old rock. No doubt.

    Micah: Metal and hard rock.

    Tisha: Musical numbers, pop, and dance


  8. Chapter 22: City of Gold

    Interrupting Blast From the Past side comics to let you know that I just started writing the Script: This is what I have so far:

    Chapter 22: City of Gold script

    [Leaf walking through Saffron City streets (city covered in litter and garbage, broken windows, and looking like it was ransacked because it was]


    Now back to you un-paid programming ;)

  9. William and John part ways… …
    Spoiler- they obviously don’t stay that way. X)

    John does not actually think William is serious- he agreed to help him out because… he felt like it. Why not?
    If the guys (bad guys) trying to kill Will had gotten to him first and asked him to kill William, he would have done that too.
    John isn’t a bad guy… But he is not be confused as a good guy either. He’s more a neutral force- a mercenary. It just so happens that he’s always been hired by good people. 
    First William… And then the Rangers.

    And PHOTON guns- I’ve decided what Kanto weapons are powered by… Photon blasts/charges. Which is totally borrowed from Phantasy Star (PS 0 for the DS in my case). I don’t know how that works, but that’s what is is. XD
    It’s already a fan comic filled with copyrighted material, might as well throw some in from another fandom, amirite?

    Drawn in GIMP 2.8

  10. So that thug that John almost literally threw out of Lottie’s cafe, his name is Titus. He comes back later. For a rematch.

    :iconheplz: hehheeheheh

    Although, John was able to win very quickly here because Titus was not expecting the fight he got. 

    His two lackey are a little more intelligent though- John’s silent challenge of “Are you two next?” is politely declined right before they scamper off.

    Anyway- this is me practicing more fight scenes because it’s really hard. ;w; At some point I’ll buckle down on that, but for now I have a great love of drawing John and William interacting SO… I’ll worry about that later. X)

    Drawn in GIMP 2.8 in 5 hours.