1. In which John gets away with sleeping on the job because he’s so gosh darn cute and no one has the heart to wake him up. XD

    Drawn in GIMP 2.8

  2. John and Will because there is no such thing as too much of them. :’D

  3. aerorwen:

    Saffron City backgrounds from Chapter 22 of my Nuzlocke, The Fall!

    (Team Rocket sacked the city and did quite a bit of damage)

    Drawn in GIMP 2.8 in 1-2 hours each.


  4. Anonymous said: I have to admit, I love the interaction between Will and John, and I think it makes it even sweeter that there is no sex between them but still so much love. There doesn't need to be sex in a relationship for it to be a relationship. Your art is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to read more of the comic!

    (going out of order)
    Aww, thank you! ;w;
    I can’t wait to show more of it! All of it- side comics/backstories and main comic!

    Agreed on all counts there. I love their relationship so freaking much. OTL

    I’m pretty sure everyone loves Will and John. Or, at least, no one has said otherwise yet. One person didn’t like Will at first, but he was won over in the “Suits” page. X)


  5. Anonymous said: I was just going to accept bisexuality and squeal in delight. A part of me is sad however that there was no smut between them.


    John respects Will’s asexuality.

    So they’re just adorable.


  6. Anonymous said: Does this mean that John and William were a thing...?


    And the next question that pops up is usually, “But what about John and Danielle?” So I’m just going to go ahead and answer that now.

    Bisexuality is a thing.

    More specifically (since I’m answering this):

    William is asexual and homo romantic= Not interested in sex/no desire for it, but he likes dating/having romantic relationships with men.

    John is demisexual and bi romantic= He has to really genuinely like/love you before he has any interest in sex with you. And his interests run both ways- men or women. Though he has dated more men than women, so he might have a vague preference that way. X)

    This information will be come up in a side comic sketch dump soon enough.


  7. I’m such a loser


    I may or may not basically be drawing shippy fanart for myself right now.


  8. Anonymous said: Pffft I was describing your last short comic to my friend and when I got to the part where John goes "You're such an ass" she just went "PLEASE tell me Will s in the background saying 'Mmm and you know it~' and I just DIED

    PFFT! Oh my gosh!! XD


  9. Anonymous said: I almost laughed aloud during my math test today because I randomly thought of William visiting John at the Ranger base, seeing Sam and Tisha, and just going "You didn't tell me we adopted!" while John's like "GDI William you dumbass"


    Now if only William wasn’t 20 years dead… 


  10. Anonymous said: So Li knew about Leaf? And I'd be pretty livid too if I found my daughter being held hostage with an explosive gun to her temple.

    Li knows because he and John are best friends and he decided to tell him.

    Li is ONLY other person who knew before this chapter.