1. The first of a couple side comics detailing some of John’s past that has to do with the Governor of Kanto, William (19 years old here (4 years older than John))
    For lots of reasons- 
    - I’ve been wanting to draw William for a while now, but I needed to introduce him first.
    - Young John is fun to draw
    - People have been asking about other characters and other things that all tie back to William.
    By the time I am done with these past comics (which will take a while), you’ll understand why John more, you’ll know more about his childhood, more about his relationship with Matthias and Micah/the lack-thereof in the past, how Matthias became the head of Rangers in Kanto, why John became/stayed a Ranger, what the IKB was, why Micah joined the IKB/became a pseudo Ranger, how the war started, Melanie Monrose (backstory and scars), more about the Kanto police, why Kanto is the way it is, and why William is so very important.

    So, hopefully, before I get to Chapter 22, I will have the last 4 important side comics done for this little arc, which will set us up perfectly to move on to even greater blasts from the past. :>
    Bottomline- I’m excited, so you should be excited.
    I’ll be posting the other comics I have stockpiled from when I was at school throughout the weekend.


  2. Anonymous said: What kinds of music do people listen to in such a war-torn world? Do pokemon have music, outside of things like bird and insect calls?

    I would say that… most music genres still exist in the Pokemon world. Just maybe less people making music (since there aren’t too many people around). You know, you have the radio tower in Johto.

    Music varies, but I would say that each region has it’s own “cultural” music (based on my own head canons of course). Johto would be Asian/Eastern music, Hoenn would probably into rock and jazz (specifically trumpets, lol) music but I kind of think of it as Hawaii so they would have instrumental music involving the ukelele. The Fall’s Sinnoh is Russia so Russian music for them along with heavy metal. X)

    Kanto… … Hmm. I’m going to say R&B/Soul. Don’t ask why- I don’t know.

  3. Gotta love how Matthias has basically/probably peed his pants
    And John is just like, “The hell kind of noise is that? I think you broke my eardrums.”

    John and Matthias are 5 years apart. John is probably 7 here and Matthias is 12 (Micah would be a year old) Their relationship is…. neutral at best at this age. But more on that jazz later.

    So if you want to know what John was like when he was younger- he’s very… solemn and still¬†very¬†indifferent to what goes on around him.

    Drawn in GIMP 2.8

  4. aerorwen:

    Klaus Volkov (Sinnoh)
    Raised in the mountains of Sinnoh, Klaus (52) is more than a little eccentric, the size of an Abomasnow, and stronger than 10 men.

    Painted in GIMP 2.8 in 2 hours.

  5. Toddler!Micah

    Because I can.

    Micah was totally into dresses and frilly cute clothes when she was younger. She grew out of it eventually.

    And while she wore dresses, she also played around in the dirt and mud a lot. And beat up a lot of little boys for pulling her hair.


  6. Anonymous said: I realized something while reading your update - Kat isn't speaking telepathically like Dana did, but Sam obviously understood her. Can he understand pokèspeak too?

    Kat speaks to same telepathically and verbally at the same time, but he has a very loose understanding of pokespeak. He’s not as fluent as John. He’s kinda like Leaf, except instead of shutting it down like she did, he just kinda keeps it a secret.


  7. Anonymous said: No you are a beautiful person I'm just overly curious >///< And what, dare I ask, was John doing that caused the two-foot gash on his back? (Can I just say how thrilled I am that you made such a bad-arse agoraphobic character? It makes me feel less freakish for suffering from it!)

    dlkgahlghaowegha ;w;

    You’ll see! I’ll do a side comic detailing that, but there are some other side comics about his past that I want to put out first so there’s a better understanding of what happened. I’m working on them now~

    (awwww, yes you can! And you’re definitely not a freak for that. People are scary. ;w; I wouldn’t say I’m agoraphobic, but I do have some social anxiety issues.)


  8. Anonymous said: What idiot decided that the police don't get pokemon.

    The police themselves. You’ll understand more about the joke that is the Kanto police eventually.


  9. Anonymous said: Where is the Ranger HQ? And are capture styluses (styli?) a thing in this universe?

    Each region has it’s own HQ, but the program was founded in Johto by the monks, so they are the SUPER official HQ.

    The Kanto base is located somewhere between Johto and Kanto. Probably north of the League. I’m still deciding the exact location.

    Well, okay, so I figured out where I wanted it before, but I didn’t write it down and now I don’t remember where I decided it was. :’D


  10. Anonymous said: Does Leaf's mother have any pokemon? Do the Rangers have any teams, outside of Cat and John's arcanine?

    Leaf’s mom does not, other than Barnaby (the growlithe family pet)
    All Rangers also have their own “teams”, they don’t generally use them to battle- they use them for work-related purposes.

    SO John has his Arcanine, Rubert (Pigeot) and a very, very large team to pull from. Sam has Cat and two other pokemon (maybe 4). Tisha has a Chansey and a Kadabra.

    Some more of their teams will come into the next chapter~